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To Do Lists & Reminder Features

Automatic Check Printing

Bank Deposits

Vast Selection of REPORTS

Manage Bills/Payments for Vendors

Unlimited Bank Accounts

Importing Data

Amazing ACCOUNTING System

Automatic Letter & E-mail Processing

Tenant Simple-Form Modules

Issuing Payroll

Chart of Accounts

Applying and Un-applying Payments

Recompiling the Database

Online Video Tutorial

Setting up Categories

Automatic Withholding Tax Calculation

Main Screen Customization

Separate Database Saving

Reconciling Accounts

Distributing Shares for Owners

Permission Settings for Users

User Friendly Environment

General Journal

Commission Based Employees

Helpful Features/Shortcuts

Powerful Search Engine

Automatic Posting of DR/CR Transactions

Wage Based Employees/Personnel

Advanced CAM Charges Options

Automatic Procedures

Saving Scanned Documents - Correspondence


Time Saving TOOLS

DHCR Computations, Calculations, & Reports








Drill Downs

Tov Rent provides an array of different types of Drill Down Reports enabling you to access detailed information from summarized reports.

Data Filtering

Tov Rent stands out more than any competition with this fantastic new feature. It allows you to filter the data you wish to include in any report by Selecting and Excluding any field entered in the software, for ex. by Property, Category, Type, Account, etc.


Available Reports

Any type of report and list you can ever fathom is included in Tov's Report Collection, giving you a full picture of your financial status, your property and units information.... keeping your financial, accounting, and tenant records organized to it's utmost.


Property Reports

                1) Property Directory - Management Detail

                2) Property Detail Itemized Report.

                3) Property Detail - Owner & Management

                4) Property Vacancies

                5) Property List

Unit Reports

        Unit - Agreements

                1) Unit Directory

                2) Unit Detail

                3) Unit Vacancy

        Unit - Rent Fee

                1) Rent Roll Report

                2) Rent Roll Itemized Report

        Unit - Summary

                1) Unit Occupancy

                2) Gross Potential Rent - Detail

                3) Gross Potential Rent - Summary

                4) Unit Rent History

Tenant Reports


                1) Invoice

                2) Statement

                3) Tenant Ledger

                4) Detailed Ledger

                5) Letters Tenant Ledger

                6) Rent Roll

                7) Rent Roll List


                1) Tenant Directory

                2) Tenant Detail

                3) Tenant Summary

                4) Lease Expiration


                1) Accounts Receivable - List - Total of each person

                2) Accounts Receivable - List - Total Itemized of each person

        Rent Increase

                1) List of Selected Rent Fee

                1) List of Selected Rent Fee - EDITABLE

                2) List of Increased Rent Fee

                2) List of Increased Rent Fee - EDITABLE

                3) Comparison List of Previous and New Rent Fee

                4) Letters to Tenants - Increased Rent Fee

                5) Labels - Avery 5160 1" x 2.625"

                6) Short Report - Selection Totals

        Dispossess List

                1) Dispossess List

        Deposit Reports

                1) Deposit Detail

                2) Deposit Total Report


                1) Accounts Receivable - Report - Total of each person

                2) Accounts Receivable - Report - Itemized of each person

                3) Accounts Receivable - Total Itemized Report by Category

                4) Delinquent Payment

Personnel/Employee's Reports

        Wages Lists

        Wages Reports

                1) Detailed Report

                2) Monthly Report

        Info for Form 941

        Invoice List

        Personnel List

                1) Total List

                2) Editable List

        Employee List

                1) Total List

                2) Editable List

        Payroll List


Financial Reports

        Transaction Register

                1) Transaction Register - Report

                2) Transaction Register - List

                3) Transaction Register - Report Portrait Layout


                1) General Ledger

                2) Trial Balance

                3) Balance Sheet

                4) Profit and Loss

                5) Profit and Loss 3 Year Summary

                6) 12-Month Profit and Loss

                7) Profit and Loss & Cash Flow

                8) Profit and Loss 3 Year Summary & Cash Flow

                9) 12-Month Profit and Loss & Cash Flow

Payable Reports


                1) Accounts Payable - Report - Total of each person

                2) Accounts Payable - Report - Total Itemized of each person

                3) Accounts Payable - Itemized Report by Category

                4) Labels - Avery 5160 1" x 2.625"


                1) Accounts Payable - List - Total of each person

                2) Accounts Payable - List - Total Itemized of each person


Vendor's Reports

        Vendor's List

        Payable List

        Report 1099

        List of Bills

                1) Total List

                2) Editable List

        List of Payments

                1) Total List

                2) Editable List

Owner's Reports

        Owner's List

        Share List

        Equity List

        Equity Reports

                1) Detailed Report

                2) Monthly Report

        Invoice List

                1) Total List

                2) Editable List

        Distribution List

DHCR Reports

                1) Annual Apartment Registration 2007

                2) Annual Registration Summary 2007

                3) Renewal Lease Form

                4) Rent Stabilization Rider

                5) MBR - MCR Computation - Short Form

                6) Master Building Rent Schedule

                7) MBR - MCR Computation - Long Form



                1) Export to CSV (Ascii text format, or Excel) File

                2) Export to CSV (Ascii text format, or Excel) File with money

                3) Export to CSV (Ascii text format, or Excel) Email addresses

        Reminder List

                1) Note & Reminder List


        Bank Deposit

Statistic Reports

                1)  Statistic Report

                2)  Statistic Report - By Property

                3)  Detailed Statistic Report






Amazing ACCOUNTING System

Tov's brilliant accounting system is a major breakthrough in the accounting field! Tov's precise accounting system will automatically and accurately post all transactions to their appropriate debit and credit accounts, by following these 3 simple steps.

Step #1- Chart of Accounts

Step #2- Setting Up Categories

Step #3- Automatic Transaction Posting

Once done, any Financial Report can be printed.

 No posting necessary with Tov Rent!





Chart of Accounts

A complete sample chart of accounts is included in the software, designating the proper debit and credit status to each account. The chart can be edited as needed. Once You have Set up Categories for your Accounts, the Automatic Posting of Transactions can  take place.



Setting up categories

Tov Rent allows the user to set up categories as well as a corresponding description for each category, which can then be assigned to any transaction entered in the software.  The Automatic Posting can then take place.


Automatic Posting of DR/CR Transactions

  • When entering a transaction, a Category can be selected from a drop-down list. The transaction will then be posted to the proper Debit and Credit accounts that have been previously assigned to the selected category during the initial category setup.

  • Among the many benefits of automatic posting is that your financial reports are ready to be printed without transaction posting necessary.

  • Another major benefit that automatic posting offers, is the simple reporting procedure.. If an error is discovered in the way a transaction was posted, or an incorrect debit or credit account was assigned to a given category, simply correct the category  ?????????????????





Online Tutorial Video

Just sit back and relax as you listen to a free course in how to go about using Tov Rent Management Software. Click here to begin!






Automatic Procedures

With Tov Rent, there is no extra time spent! The software allows you to select a group of Tenants/Employees/Owners/Vendors, etc. by selecting a Property, Category, Account, Type, etc. allowing you to and accomplish automatic procedures for multiple accounts at once.

  • Updating Monthly Charges

  • Updating Deposit Interest

  • Applying Late Fees

  • Increase Rent Fees

  • Adding CAM Charges

  • DHCR Calculations

  • Deleting Empty Records

  • Verifying and Un-applying all incorrectly applied payments

  • Automatically applying all un-applied payments

  • Collective Online Credit Card Payments

  • CC Payments

  • Send Letters and Emails, Leases and Work orders all with one click of the mouse.





Advanced CAM Charges options

Managing CAM (Common Area Maintenance) Charges is very convenient with Tov Rent Management's advanced system. CAM Charges can be divided among Residential and Commercial Lessees by one of the following three options:

  1. By the Square Footage of the unit they occupy.

  2. By a Percentage amount of the utility bill.

  3. By the Number of tenants in the property.





Powerful search engine

A powerful search engine will scan the database in countless ways such as by Last name, First name, Unit, Property, address, Phone #, Balance, etc. to find the record you are searching for.





Automatic Letter and Email processing

  • Tov Rent provides a rich collection of text-ready Letters and Leases for Commercial, Residential and DHCR controlled units, which can be customized in Tov's "Letter Writer".

  • Tov also includes an amazing letter writer where the information for any letter can automatically be imported from the Tenants/Employees/Vendors/Owners account, by selecting the desired field from the "Insert field" menu.

  • The software will unfold an email or generate a letter for any record in the database. All correspondence is stored in the notes of each tenant's record, condensed in one line. A single click of the mouse will expand the letter or email for future reference.

  • The Correspondence for each tenant can be saved in the specific folder for Letters, scanned documents, etc.

  • A custom formatted letter can be sent to all tenants at once with the Tov Letter Writer.

Text-Ready Letters and Leases included in the software:


        DHCR Reports:

                1) Annual Apartment Registration 2007

                2) Annual Registration Summary 2007

                3) Renewal Lease Form

                4) Rent Stabilization Rider

                5) MBR - MCR Computation - Short Form

                6) Master Building Rent Schedule

                7) MBR - MCR Computation - Long Form

        Residential Leases-Applications-Documents:

                1) Residential Lease Application

                2) Residential Rental Lease Agreement

                3) Residential Rental Lease Agreement - Month to Month

                4) Residential Lease - Simple Form

                5) Tenant Consent to Reference Check

                6) Pre Lease Assessment

                7) Property Inspection Checklist

                8) Lease Addendum for Drug Free

                9) Lead Based Paint Disclosure

                10) Recreational Rules and Regulations

                11) Residential Lease Renewal

                12) Lease Renewal

                13)Lease -Non Renewal

        Commercial Leases:

                1) Commercial Lease Agreement

                2) Commercial Building Lease

                3) Commercial Building or Space Lease


        Tenant Letters:

                1) Tenant Verification

                2) Tenant Update

                3) Welcome Letter-New Tenant

        Security Deposit Letters:

                1) Deposit Receipt

                2) Security Deposit Refund Information

        Management Letters:

                1) Management Survey

                2) New Management

                3) Smoke Detector

                4) Maintenance - Storm Procedures

        Rent Notices:

                1) Rent Increase Notice

                2) Notice Unpaid Rent

                3) 1st Notice Unpaid Rent

                4) 2nd Notice Unpaid Rent

                5) 3rd Notice Unpaid Rent

                6) 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Lease Terminates

                7) Five Day Rent Demand

                8) Five Day Rent Demand -2

        Lease Default Notices:

                1) Notice-Violating Provisions of Lease with Right to Cure

                2) Notice-Violating Provisions of Lease with No Right to Cure

                3) Payment Default Notice- Warning Prior to Notice to pay or Lease Terminates






User friendly environment

  • Tov's Software is so easy to learn and get comfortable with.  All modules have the identical screen layout. Once you are familiar with one module, you can feel confident that you know almost the entire software!

  • The Data Display Window displays a summary and analysis of all detailed information entered in the tabs of the currently viewed record. All information is displayed in one screen.

  • List Display- On the left of each screen there is a list of all the records in the module currently being viewed.

  • It is rare to find a software with every possible feature in such an easy-to-use format.




Time Saving TOOLS

Tov Rent's powerful tools, "Options", "Filter", and "Picture It" are extremely useful in entering data and completing daily tasks. They simply cut your workload in half! These tools are designed in the same format in each module, providing different options in each module.

Options Tool

The "Options" Tool allows you to customize and control the on/off display settings for your "Reminders", It also allows you to control the Ascending or Descending order in which to display records in any given module.


Filter Tool

The "Filter" Tool allows you to determine which transactions to display in the current user's session, avoiding the inconvenience of information overflow. For example, it allows you to filter the system to display only current jobs for employees, or only current tenants, the records do not have to be deleted from your system, they can simply be filtered by exclusion .


Picture It Tool

The "Picture It" Clipboard will actually cut time spent on data entry in half! It will auto fill the fields in the records with the data you entered into the Picture It tool, avoiding the need to enter identical data more than once!

The "Picture It" tool allows you to type data into a "clipboard" from where the data will be automatically applied to more than one property, unit, tenant, employee, vendor, owner, charges and payments records etc.




To-Do Lists & Reminders features

  • Never forget another Job, Appointment or event. All can be recorded in a To Do List.

  • The list can then be emailed to any Vendor/Owner/Employee.

  • The reminder feature will consistently keep you organized by timely, daily prompts.

  • Checkmark any record to be include in the "List Checked As Remind" to remind you about any detail of the selected record.

  • The "Snooze" feature allows you to reset the reminders to be displayed at a later time or date.

  • The daily To Do List has an added invaluable feature, one user can allow or block other users from viewing his To Do List and Reminders.




tenant simple form - module

 TOV Rent added this "Button Free" module, for the user's convenience. It includes almost all the features of the regular Tenant Module, however it is on a simpler format. Take advantage!




separate database saving

Unlimited Tracking of Properties and Units can be saved in one database or separated in several databases.




unlimited bank accounts

  • Transactions can be assigned to as many bank accounts as the user desires.

  • Occasionally the bank will e-mail in Microsoft Excel Format information regarding payments credited to your bank account. Tov Rent will import the data and post it to the proper accounts.




Helpful Features/Shortcuts

The "Bookmark feature" is extremely useful when navigating from one place in the software to another. One click of the mouse will bring you back to your previous position.

The "Lock feature" locks the program for safety purposes. If you need to leave your desk use the handy "Lock feature".




Commission Based Employees

  • Keep track of your company's Employees receiving a commission based wage using cash or accrual method.

  • Designate the maximum dollar amount the employee may spend on any work order.

  • Print checks for any payable amount owed to an employee.

  • All types of reports for employees are included.





Applying and Unapplying Payments

Applying and unapplying payments to charges can be done, depending on the permission granted to the user.

Applying payments can be done either automatically, by applying the new payment to the oldest charge, or by manually applying the payment to whichever charge you select. The applied payment can be unapplied and reapplied as well.




Automatic Withholding Tax Calculation

Tov Rent provides a free tax calculator to calculate all the withholding payroll taxes for Employees/Owners/Personnel Members, etc.

Enter the number of exemptions, marital status, state and city code, number of hours worked, or the gross payable amount, and Tov Rent will automatically calculate the Federal, City, State, Social Security and Medicare taxes for USA. This built in payroll system will do all the payroll tax calculations for you and then generate a payroll check with ease!





Manage Bills/Payments for Vendors

Entering payments for bills can be done in the same manner as applying payroll to wages for Employees, and the same way as you apply payments to charges for tenants, all in the same style for your convenience, it can be done either automatically, apply the payments to the current bill, or manually, to any bill you desire, you can unapply the payments as well, you also have the option of printing 1099 Reports for vendors or service providers.




Main Screen Customization

You can create your own design for the main screen, Insert your Company name, add a photo of the owner/manager/boss/building of the company. give it your own custom look.



Issuing Payroll

The software will calculate the payroll and all withholding taxes for any employee whether he gets paid by wages or by commission, and then print checks for the payable amount..



Importing Data

It will be so simple to switch all your stored data into Tov's database- the import feature to everyone's awe will make it a breeze, forget the first time data entry hassle!



Bank Deposits

When you select any bank account and date, the software will generate a ready bank deposit completing all your tasks automatically, you will be able to print out the ready report.



Permission Settings for Users

You can assign permission for users in your company for safety purposes to have full or limited access to the records/income/reports in the software.




Automatic Check Printing

Any payable amount for any Owner/Employee/Vendor can have a check printed by positioning the mouse on any payable amount, and clicking on "print check". all outgoing checks and expenses are automatically posted to the transaction register. You can even customize the compnay name in the software, and the Bank information, and a ready check will all details will be printed using MICR check writer, you simple have to insert into the printer blank check paper, Forget the hassle of tons of boxes of printed checks for every account, all information can be customized and will be printed from the software., you can also select a group of Owners/Employees/Vendors to print checks for at once.



Distributing Shares for Owners

Tov Rent includes a Distribution of Shares calculator, You select a property, type, or bank account, and the share % will come in automatically, all income and expense will be displayed in the calculator, just click on the calculate equity button and the equity will be calculated automatically.



Wage Based Employees/Personnel

Two separate modules are included to keep track over employees that get paid on a wage basis or on a commission basis, print checks,,,,,



Reconciling Accounts



Recompiling the Database



General Journal



DHCR Computations, Calculations, and Reports 

DHCR Reports


Saving Scanned Documents - Correspondence