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5 Minute Demo

Welcome to our auto-run online demo, 

Just sit back and watch as we take you through some key features of our Rent Managemt Software. 


Startup Password

Database Connection - Server Settings

The Main Screen

Tenants - Rent

                   v The Tabs

                   v To Add a New Charge

                   v Account and Type

                   v To Edit a Charge, and Add a Payment

                   v To Apply a Payment to the proper Charges

                   v The Lease and Rent Fee

                   v The Tools - Options, Filter, Picture it

                   v The Reports

                   v Sending Letters and Emails   


                  v Printing Reports, Tools - Options, Filter, Picture it


                  v Printing Reports

                  v Tools - Options, Filter, Picture it

Tenants - Rent Simple Form

Personnel - Commission

Employees - Payroll

                  v Witholding Tax Calculation

Vendors - Expenses

Owners Equity

Select Procedures

Select Reports


Journal Entry


To Do & Reminder List

Permission Settings

Setting Header Name


Unapplied Payment